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Nuestra tienda exclusiva se encuentra en Palermo Soho, Gurruchaga 1783, Palermo. Nuestro horario de atención
es de lunes a sábados de a 20 hs y los domingos y feriados de 15 a 20 hs. Si queres Gorrión en tu tienda
podes escribirnos a info@soygorrion.com.ar

Gorrión (sparrow in spanish) broke the shell more than ten years ago. The nest is located in Palermo, Buenos Aires; and it is carefully tended by us – Nicolás Cunto, architect and Pablo S. Attolini, graphic designer.

We combine our own universe filled with color, tinted with nature’s textures and with inspirations from childhood. Gorrión experiments with materials such as leather, cotton, woolen felt and the P.U., exploring the technological world with handmade proposals that take care of the environment and endeavor a fair trade. Gorrión creates bags, accessories and high quality clothes.

The constructive details and the manufacturing process are rigorously supervised. And every season a new concept illustrates the collection with exclusive and custom designed patterns.

Nowadays, Gorrión is commercialized in more than 30 Argentinean cities and exported to Chile, Brazil and USA.
The brand has been recognized and awarded for its excellence and in the last year it has exhibited its products in Tokyo Rooms, Japan, Buenos Aires Fashion Week, Argentina and in Sao Paulo Craft Design, Brazil.


Gurruchaga 1783 Palermo
Buenos Aires Argentina
54 11 48 33 38 63


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